Well here we are nearly one year on! Its been a busy year for us – adapting our business to include the manufacturing, sales and support worldwide for the Skyranger and Nynja!

During this time orders for new aircraft have kept flowing – 45 so far supplied since we took over. We would like to thank all the subcontractors who have made this happen, and the customers and dealers who have shown faith in our new management.

We moved over spares from the old BestOff stock and added them to our already large spares stock and have been expanding our stores further so we can supply most things without delay for manufacturing.

We set up a major collaboration with Delta Aquitaine who are a spares and support hub in France and keep a large stock of spares for dispatch to customers and professionals in France. Delta are one of the longest established Ultralight businesses in France (if not the world!), with excellent facilities and a team of expert staff. They have a long association with the Skyranger and Nynja and offer a full build service as well as maintenance and repairs.

In April we attended the Friedricshafen show in collaboration with our dealer MN Aircraft. It was a very successful show for us, during which we met a lot of existing owners and potential new customers and made lots of new friends.

We also attended the show at Blois recently – the biggest show in the world dedicated to Ultralight aircraft. again it was a good show for us where we met a lot of people and reaffirmed that our aircraft have a very secure place in the market, and in France the Skyranger is something of a national icon with many pilots have been trained on them!

I think everyone was impressed in the Nynja and Swift2 we showed and their evolution – including our development of lots of small finishing details.

Our next target is to put in place a factory built ready to fly option. Many countries have local dealer build options and we have a great network of companies that can provide a bespoke build service. But we have a need for a factory built option and we will certify under UK CAA A8-1 manufacturing approval – a very strict system, but as it is respected worldwide it can open new markets for us where a certified system is required. We aim to be in production middle of next year – capacity initially very limited as quality is our primary focus, but then expanding as the process matures.

Thank you everyone for your support and please dont hesitate to contact me at skyranger@flylight.co.uk with any suggestions of what you would like to see in our products and service.

Paul Dewhurst