Swift 2


Skyranger Swift 3

The Skyranger Swift, Through Swift 2 and now the Swift 3 are developments from the best selling Skyranger.

The Swift introduced a higher level of finish and options and also introduced a smaller wing span than the Skyranger this enabled higher cruise speeds and a more comfortable ride in turbulence thanks to the increased wing loading.

With a combination of shorter wingspan, and greater torsional strength, the smaller ailerons result in reduced roll loads and increased roll rate, especially noticeable at high cruise speeds over 100mph.

Takeoff performance is still in the STOL category, and with the 100 hp 912ULS a max weight takeoff roll on grass is less than 65metres, and a spirited 1200fpm climb, rate rising to over 1500fpm solo. Stalling speed remains a comfortably low 34knots at Max Microlight takeoff weight of 472.5Kg,meaning short field landings are still a breeze. Powerful control response right down to stall speed, makes for easy control, and superb crosswind capability.

For those that want ultimate STOL the long wing is also available on request.

The Swift 2 introduced some features from the Nynja development, and the Swift 3 took that a step further. The Swift 3 shares the same cowlings as the Nynja, along with Nynja engine mount, firewall and throttle system. This simplifies the build and refines lots of small details.

The Swift 3 also has available an LS version which has a 600kg MTOW capable structure. With empty weights under 270kg, the LS version has an astonishing payload of 330kg – 1.2 x its empty weight!

The Swift2 introduced a lot of detail commonality with the Nynja  including:

  • New vertical tail – deleting the ventral fin and replacing it with taller fixed fin and reshaped rudder – cleaner looks, less weight and enhanced directional stability
  • Main undercarriage clean up with internal drag links
  • Redesigned door pillars that sweep forwards at the bottom to give larger lower doors which enable easier access and improved visibility
  • Redesigned door tops / wing interface, resulting in better (no draft!) sealing and wing root closure panel for a better more finished look.
  • Binnacle style instrument panel – lighter and more instrument space than original
  • Centre console as standard equipment
  • Redesigned throttle system with more progressive operation and quick adjustable idle stops

New stainless steel exhaust system – more compact and lighter than previous version

  • Redesigned fuel system – rationalising hose runs and using Aluminium fuel tubing for part of the run to save weight and simplify maintenance. Also option of external fuel filler with lockable cap
  • A expanded range of retrofittable optional extras including a ‘light pack’saving some 3.5Kg using some Nynja Steel parts which are lighter and stronger, and a higher tech lighter battery.

The Swift2 also has a restyled front cowling to differentiate from earlier models.

The result was around 6.5Kg weight saving over the Swift1, better looks, better visibility, more refined cockpit environment and enhanced performance.

The Swift 3 changes were:

  • Nynja cowlings and floor pan (composite underbelly beneath the cabin area where previously if was fabric)
  • Nyna Engine mount , results in better engine access for maintenance etc
  • Nynja firewall – easier build and better oil tank access
  • Nynja type Push-pull throttles. Improved ergonomics and more intuitive action.
  • Improved heater
  • Pockets either side of the instrument panel for storage of light items

Also available is the LS version of the Swift 3 with altered main landing gear and other detail modifications which increase the structural capability to 600kg maximum takeoff weight and payload up to 330kg




The Swift 3 is offered with Rotax 912 series as the standard fit, either the 80 hp 912UL of the 100 hp 912ULS, and composite Keivprop propeller, renowned for smoothness, low noise and efficiency.

Kit or Factory build?

The kit version Swift 3 is supplied as a pre fabricated fast build kit. All necessary components are supplied, down to the small details, with all structural parts finished, and connecting brackets pre-assembled. No special skills or processes are required. Glassfibre components are supplied finished in white and require no painting. Building is simple assembly work, guided by a comprehensive step by step Build Manual.

In the UK the build is overseen by the BMAA, who will appoint a local inspector, who will inspect your work at key stages and offer advice.

Flylight Airsports provide a full time expert build advice service and keep in stock a large parts inventory should the need arise. We also offer in the UK an expert test flying service, so you can be assured your finished aircraft flies perfectly.

For those that dont want to build themselves two other options exist:

  • Assembly by a local dealer / professional (depending on particular countries rules), this could be in the form of complete assembly or build assist, and allows you to customize the build exactly to your preference, and represents a mid way between kit and full factory build pricing – particularly in countries a long way from UK – where kit shipping costs will be a lot less than fully finished aircraft.
  • Fully Factory built by Flylight in the UK, under the UK CAA A8-1 production approval.