Skyranger Nynja

Building on the proven Skyranger pedigree of :-

  • Simple tough structure
  • Self jigging straight tube structure
  • No welded tubes
  • Ease of build
  • Ease of inspection
  • Ease of repair
  • 5 FAI World Championship wins!
  • 1600 aircraft milestone passed
  • Britains best ever selling fixedwing Microlight
  • Dedicated and experienced technical support
  • Well stocked parts backup.
  • Unbeatable value for money!


The Nynja carries all these qualities and attacks the next level of performance and aesthetics, – a market area normally populated with aircraft far more expensive and less practical.

Subject to wind tunnel optimisation by the reknowned Toulouse aeronautical university ENSICA the Nynja adds:

The Obvious external difference between the Swift and Nynja is the fuselage. The Swift  has a fabric covered fuselage  whereas the Nynja has Sleeker lines with the fuselage swathed in a smooth, modular composite skin.
This gives the aerodynamic and aesthetic advantages of a fully composite aircraft, but without the drawbacks of high manufacturing cost and difficult repair.

The rear fuselage is a different shape too – which allows for the incorporation of a glazed rear window area.

The non structural modular panels can easily be repaired or replaced in the event of surface damage. The underlying structure of triangulated pin jointed straight tubes provides excellent crash worthiness, and is easy to assess, and repair by component replacement. This is a major practical advantage compared to all composite, or built up sheet metal construction.

As well as the cosmetic enhancement of the all composite fuselage exterior, the Nynja has also been subjected to a detail aerodynamic cleanup, it has a longer sleeker nose and more raked windscreen, and a smoother transition to the rear fuselage area minimizing drag. Further detail enhancements include tailplane and fin leading edge fairings, and strut end and cable exit fairings. The wing section has also been modified and now has profile stabilisation blocks inside the wing.  Composite wing tip fairings are standard on the Nynja and  feature winglets, which reduce drag and also lower the stall speed.

The Nynja has also been subject to structural optimisation too. This has increased strength and increased the maximum takeoff weight , and achieved the neat trick of reducing structural weight as well – which then allowed the composite fairings.

Nynja M or LS? – the Nynja is available as a Microlight (472.5kg – 525kg according to country regulations) or in LS version with a structural capability of 600kg MTOW, resulting in an astonishing payload of over 300kg.


The Nynja also features:

  • Greater Glazed area and rear window for class leading visibility
  • New contoured composite seats with tailored seat covers in a choice of colours
  • Redesigned fuel system with easy external filler
  • Low drag anti vortex composite wingtip fairings
  • Modern ‘binnacle’ style instrument panel and centre console
  • Rear Baggage storage Hammock
  • Forward baggage trays
  • Aerodynamic fairings for wing strut ends, cable exits and tailplane.
  • Aerofoil Jury struts
  • One piece upper hinged doors
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes


Flight qualities

The Nynja uses the same wing structure and layout as the Skyranger Swift and inherits all its great flight qualities of STOL performance, fast cruise and docile handling. Added is improved detail aerodynamics enhancing the overall flight performance in terms of speed, efficiency. Noticeable also is the outstanding class leading in-flight visibility improved by the rear window area and extra forward length in the doors.


The Nynja is offered with Rotax 912 series as the standard fit, either the 80 hp 912UL of the 100 hp 912ULS, and composite Keivprop propeller, renowned for smoothness, low noise and efficiency.

 Kit or Factory built?

The Kit version Nynja  is supplied as a pre fabricated fast build kit. All necessary components are supplied, down to the small details, with all structural parts finished, and connecting brackets pre-assembled. No special skills or processes are required. Glassfibre components are supplied finished in white and require no painting. Building is simple assembly work, guided by a comprehensive step by step build manual

In the UK the build is overseen by the BMAA, who will appoint a local inspector, who will inspect your work at key stages and offer advice.

Flylight Airsports provide a full time expert build advice service and keep in stock a large parts inventory should the need arise. We also offer in the UK an expert test flying service, so you can be assured your finished aircraft flies perfectly.

For those that dont want to build themselves two other options exist:

  • Local assembly, either complete or assisted build by a trusted dealer / professional – this depends on the rules in your particular country , but you can benefit from a tailored custom build with as much involvement from yourself as you feel comfortable with.
  • Fully Factory built by Flylight in the UK. This is under UK CAA A8-1 production approval.