The Skyranger family is manufactured in the Ukraine, by ex-Antonov engineers to very high standards. The fuselage design is patented, and construction features are:

• Pin jointed tubular construction
• No welded tubes
• Only straight tubes are used ( with the obvious exception of wing ribs!)
• Main structure is of aircraft grade 2024 aluminium tubing. Other parts are made from Steel, and Stainless steel.

The undercarriage is particularly strong – the Skyranger being designed for ‘off the beaten track’ operation.

Covering is with pre made sewn fabric envelopes, which quickly slide into position and tension. No traditional smelly and messy doping and painting required!

Glassfibre panels are used for cowlings ( And total fuselage enclosure for the Nynja model). These are supplied finished in white, and also require no painting.

Advantages of this construction system include:

• Ease of build – only simple ‘handy man’ skills required to complete.
• Easy and simple to inspect.
• Simple maintenance
• Ease of repair (we don’t really want to think about this, but its good to know!)
• Excellent strength to weight ratio
• long term structural fatigue resistance
• Low shipping volume, and low carriage costs for kit and parts
• Low cost of individual components, and complete kits